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Willow and Ivy Counseling Welcomes You

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Why Willow and Ivy?

Willow and Ivy symbolize the very qualities and beliefs that guide our practice. We believe in the power and beauty of the human spirit. Despite any hardship a person may have faced, we believe in their ability to thrive. We believe in creating and holding the safe space needed to help a person on their journey towards wellness. We are dedicated in our pursuit of helping others. 

The Willow: It is inspiring and symbolic of a person's capability to withstand hardship, loss, and difficult emotions. Because of its long life and the ease with which new trees can be rooted from cuttings, the willow tree is seen as a survivor and a symbol of rebirth.

The Ivy: It is evergreen and will not easily let go of something it has attached itself to symbolizing eternal life and fidelity.


“What you seek is seeking you”


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